TRENDS - 04/17/2021

Maskne-A New Frustration

written by Skin Set Go® skincare

Who would have ever thought that this would be a coined term. Maskne. In the current events of today's times we are required to wear a mask almost anywhere we go. Many people find it a common practice and just put one on and go about their business. What happens to your skin under the mask is almost never on anyone's mind. You think you are just simply breathing in and out, well you are, but that air comes in contact with your skin and guess what, funky things start to happen.

What is Maskne?

“Maskne” is just a coined term for the acne that appears on the areas of skin that are covered by a mask for long periods of time. These acne areas range from the lower chin all the way up to the top part of your nose. You know, the usual common areas of your face that are mainly covered by a mask these days.

Why does Maskne Happen?

The answer to this is a lot simpler than many of you may think. When you wear a mask, you trap a lot of moist and humid gasses underneath your mask that cannot readily exit its enclosure. Due to this situation, the humid air chamber that you have just created becomes an amazing new environment for bacteria, sweat, and other aggressors to thrive and flourish on your skin. In addition, we are guessing that many of your masks sometimes slip down your face, which you then slide back up, are we right? Well not only does this physically help spread the bacteria around other places on your skin, rubbing your mask on your face may also cause redness, irritation and other conditions that are related to readily irritated skin.

What to do about Maskne?

There really is no one answer to stopping maskne from occurring. Constant maintenance is required in order to ensure your skin is remaining healthy and nourished.

The first step is to wash and hydrate your face as often as you can. Wash away all the bacteria and sweat build-up that has accumulated on your skin within your mask wearing period.

Secondly, after cleaning and washing your face, you should be using skin care products that provide a protective moisturizing barrier for your skin. These products help to protect your skin from situations such as this. These are anti-pollution products that are formulated to do exactly this task. To protect your skin from environmental aggressors. And you best believe that humid air and bacteria are definitely environmental aggressors.

Finally, make sure that you replace or sanitize your mask as often as possible. You wouldn’t wear underwear for multiple days, would you? So why wear the same old mask every single day. If it is a disposable one make sure you replace it as often as possible, and if you have a reusable mask make sure you are washing and sanitizing the mask at the end of each day. A clean face deserves a clean mask!

As simple as these solutions may be, these are definitely new habits for us all to form. We must be mindful of everything we do nowadays and ensure our skin and well-being deserve the attention they need!