EDUCATION - 04/15/2021

What is Kojic Acid and Is it Safe?

written by Skin Set Go® skincare

Many of you have already used acids in your skin care millions of times without even realizing. Do you want to know why? Many of them are actually good for your skin and have amazing benefits. Mainly derived from mushrooms or rice, Kojic Acid, which is not widely talked about, is one of these amazing acids that has amazing benefits for your skin. Kojic Acid is used mainly for pigmentation concerns. It is used to achieve a more even complexion and to counteract dark spots. On top of that, it works to help your skin's immune system by providing antioxidant support. A natural acid that helps your skin, who would have thought!

What is Kojic Acid and Where Does it Come From?

Kojic Acid is mainly derived from fermented mushrooms or rice. The beauty of this particular acid is that due to its origins, this acid works by inhibiting pigment production rather than dissolving bonds between cells, as many other commonly known skin care acids do.

How Does Kojic Acid Work?

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the overproduction of melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by the combination of certain amino acids in your skin. Kojic Acid prevents those amino acid formation. By preventing these formation, there is a much lower production of melanin in your skin and your skin’s complexion will slowly start to lighten. This is a very healthy, natural way of transitioning your skin's complexion without any extreme measures.

Is Kojic Acid Safe for Your Skin?

Although Kojic Acid has a variety of benefits for your skin, just like any other skin care product, you should use it responsibly. Starting with a small dose is always recommended. You simply do not always know how your skin will react to any skin care products. That is why this simple rule is to be applied across the board when it comes to skin care. When applying responsible doses, Kojic Acid is generally safe for skin.

Are YOU ready to TRY Kojic Acid?

With the infusion between the most effective Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Kojic Acid, the Sweet GOjic Pigment Serum is a powerful exfoliator and pigment corrector. While the glycolic, pyruvic and lactic acid combination lift and remove dead skin, the Kojic acid reduces stubborn surface spots leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.